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NaturixGame Delicacies provides top quality game meat delicacies. We offer game meat from brown bear, moose and reindeer. When available we also offer products from beaver, deer, wild boar and birds such as grouse and capercaillie. We focus on high quality regional products. Our clients include some of the most successful restaurants and deli-shops in Scandinavia. We have clients with both 2 and 3 Guide Michelin-stars. We work hard to meet the high requirements and we always strive to reach a high service level. For more information or to order please contact us on

Naturix Hunt and Dog  offers equipment primarily for hunters and hunting dogs. Our main product is the high visibility GPS-dogvest Kemmesabbe®.

Kemmesabbe® dog vest for GPS collars

The vest is developed and tested by experienced dog handlers in Sweden. We mainly hunt brown bear, wild boar and lynx. We use the vest as a high visibility and safety tool as well as a carrier/holder for GPS tracking devices. In 2008 we started the development of this vest. We had tested most GPS vests available at the time and no vest met our expectations. The main problems were too low quality and poor durability and also that the vests slipped down on the side of the dog because of the weight of the GPS equipment. Our goal was to produce an extremely durable vest that fits well on the dog without over-tightened straps and without slipping far down on the side of the dog. Before the vest was completed in all its details it was tested during many demanding hunts over several years.


• High visibility colors and high-mounted reflectors allows for good visibility and security. This maximizes the odds for the dog to be spotted in dense terrain, darkness or on the roadside. By this you minimize the risks for your dog in road traffic situations as well as in quick shooting situations.

• The vest has two layers of soft, durable and water resistant fabric in two different high visibility colors - red on the left side and yellow on the right. The color scheme makes it’s possible to judge in which direction the dog is pointing during a bay up in dense terrain or when the visibility is poor. Red color = game is to the left of the dog. Yellow color = game is to the right.

• The vest has a limited coverage of the body of the dog. This allows the dog to stay cool also in warm weather without risk of overheating.

• GPS pocket fits all collar mounted GPS-devices (Garmin, Tracker, Ultrapoint, B-Bark etc). No modification of the GPS collars is required. Allows for less or zero weight on the dog’s neck. No collar = no soars on neck or front legs. Gives room for other collars (e-collar, telemetry etc) on the neck.

• The chest strap and GPS pocket with a low center of gravity makes the vest stay in place on the dogs back. It cannot slip around to the belly which could seriously disturb the dog’s abilities.

• Thanks to the chest strap, no over-tightened straps are needed around the neck and abdomen to hold the vest in place. This allows the dog to be able to fully breathe and stretch out while running.

• The vest is easy to fit thanks to the adjustable and elastic straps.

• The vest keeps a good shape thanks to sewn-in stabilizing rails along the sides.

• At the back of the vest is a big metal ring to attach a leash in

Available in two sizes only. Covers from very small to large dogs. Makes it simple to find the right size.
LARGE: Jämthund, large hounds, Plotthund, Pointer etc.
SMALL: Small elkhound, small hound, Beagle, Dachshund, German terrier etc.

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

About Naturix

Naturix is a small family driven business in Sweden. We are a hunting family with own dogs since many years back. We mainly hunt brown bear with our dogs. We have designed and manufactured different types of dog vests for some of the world's leading manufacturers of dog GPS devices. Thanks to our experience we are sometimes hired as expert consultants when hunting magazines are conducting tests of different types of dog vests.

For more information or to order please contact us on

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Mounting of various GPS collars:
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Tips for individual fitting of the vest's straps:

1. First adjust the neck strap so that it is at the back end where the neck and back meet. The strap should not be hard tightened around the neck.
2. Adjust the belly strap. The elastic band should not be stretched.
3. Adjust chest strap with the side straps. They should not be so short that it pulls the neck strap in the lower part. The elastic band should not be stretched.
4. The straps serves their function even though they are not too tightened. The vest should be able to slip a few centimeters to the right / left of the spine line.
5. Cut off any excess strap length and then burn the ends properly otherwise they will be torn.

Wash and care:

The vest fills its visability function best if it is kept clean. Dissolve a mild detergent in a tub of lukewarm water. Soak the vest one hour and then brush clean the vest with a soft scrubbing brush in the water. Rinse with clean water and allow the vest to hang dry.



Test av GPS-västar


Kemmesabbe-västen: Bäst i test!


Tvisten med Bearskin AB avslutad - hundvästen Kemmesabbe® snart åter på marknaden


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